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     38th Chess Olympiad Dresden Germany 2008


Pakistan chess women players’ appearance first time in any international chess event in Pakistan history, chess women team participating in 38th Chess Olympiad Dresden Germany starting from 12th November 2008

Mr. M. Ali Shah Minister Sports Government of Sindh presenting souvenir in a reception ceremony to Men and women Chess team selected to participate in 38th Chess Olympiad Germany.


             Reception            WNM Zenobia Wasif      Sabika Mishraz           Sharjilla Kiran



        Arsalana Tanveer        Nida Mishraz             Dr.Mrs. Nusrat           Players Group    


Return from Dresden Chess Olympiad 2008  

   Waqar gets IM norm as Pakistan ends 65th in Chess Olympiad

Pakistan men team finished at 65th spot in 38th Chess Olympiad in Dresden after the 11th final round.

Pakistan ended at the top in group “E” and mustered 24 points thus gaining 65th position in 152-nation championship.


Armenia retained their men title while USA were runners-up and Israel finished third. In the women category, Georgia won the Olympiad, Ukraine second and USA third. 


Muhammad Waqar qualified for first International Master Norm and if he manages to attain over 2300 rating he can get Fide Master title.


Pakistan women team secured 102nd position with 18.5 points in 152 Nations, but this team wrote the Pakistan's new Chess history.


Women Team-Composition with round-results, Click



    WNM Zenobia Wasif              Sabika Mishraz                    Nida Mishraz


       Sharjilla Kiran           Arsalana Tanveer        Kiran (Pak) & Kiran (Fiji)

                                                                                    Click enlarge



Click photos for enlarge and details

More memories from Dresden Germany Olympiad 2008


  Zenobia & GM Polgar     IM Waqar & Wasif          Arsalana & Kiran       GM Polgar & Arsalana



Korean players & Arsalana  Arsalana-Kiran-Sabika   Sabika Mishraz              Kiran & Zebobia



2 Chess Players 2 sisters     In chess Olympiad    women players & Coach    some players in city






Return from Dresden Chess Olympiad 2008

Men Team Composition with rounds results


              Muhammad Waqar            Haseeb Ahmad                   Amir Karim


                        Khalil Ur Rehman Butt              Hussain Wahid

Players indivisible performance in matches Olympiad 2008

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Right - Left

Mr. M.Ali Shah

Minister Sports Sindh

Mr. Wasif Nisar International

 Arbitor FIDE from Sinh


Right - Left

Mr. Shoaib Siddique Secretary Sports Govt. of Sindh

Mr. M. Aslam President Sindh Chess Association




Who is the first Pakistani women Chess Player/s Participated in any chess International Competition?


Pakistan chess squad return from 38th Chess Olympiad Dresden Germany with a Grace full performance, results, positions and prizes with their women chess team.


Now Pakistan's sports history has the first five (5) women’s name in chess history those represented Pakistan first time in any International Chess event in 2008 since 1947, and their names are:

1-     Arsalana Tanveer

2-     Sabika Mishraz Siddique

3-     Sharjilla Kiran

4-     Nida Mishraz Siddique

5-     Zenobia Wasif

One issue is really notable that all these girls / women bear themselves all the expenses of participating and representing Pakistan in 38th Dresden Germany Chess Olympiad 2008, a very minimal help was provided by Karachi City Government but yet waiting for that small help that was promised by the Chess Federation of Pakistan

Our sports Ministry spends million of rupees on various sports though they are not giving any satisfactory result, but the Game of chess is being ignored since last 6 decades in Pakistan. At last ministry considered & supported the game of Chess and we thank the Minister of sports from MQM Dr. Mohammad Ali shah for providing financial assistance to the Women team.

 Though we have several famous names in Pakistan chess like Sheikh Muhammad Akram (Lahore), Zaheer-ud-Din-FArooqi (Karachi), FIDE Master Altaf Ahmad  Chaudhary (Lahore)  Shehzad Mirza (Karachi), Mahmood Khan (Karachi), Master Riaz Ahmed (late), Mahmood Ahmed Lodhi (Gujaranwala)Haseeb Ahmad, Amir  Karim, Muhammad Waqar, Khalil Ur Rehman Butt  

Muhammad Waqar recently won the top position in his group in Chess Olympiad 2008.

But the Game of Chess is being ignored and treated like a local say (step son). 

Now we hope that our current President of the Chess Federation of Pakistan Mr. Altaf Ahmad Chaudhary will seriously bring some improvement and support to players and chess in Pakistan as he himself is a famous chess player, not an ordinary player but a FIDE Master title holder in Pakistan.



             Administrator web site Ziauddin Qureshi (Bronze Meddle USSR Friendship house chess Championship 1980 Karachi)    

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